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 Badges, Domed Stickers, Medals
 Badges, Domed Stickers, Medals
 Domed Stickers, Medals

Badges: The story of how Badgeman began

No one likes to be anonymous -
We all have names.
  Welcome to our companies website.

Badgeman This is where it all began!
Badgeman So simlpe yet so effective.
Badgeman A Personalised Badge, an Identity.

Badgeman offers its clients Top quality products to meet their individual requirements.

We specialise in Badges, Domed Stickers, Medals and offer many other services such as signage, key tags, medals, vehicle branding. ............ » See our image gallery

And the company BADGEMAN
was born

Badgeman Button Badges.
Badgeman Cutout Badges.
Badgeman Insert Badges.
Badgeman Lapel Badges.
Badgeman Metal Badges.
Badgeman Plastic Badges.
Badgeman Ruberised Badges.
Badgeman School Badges.
Badgeman Full Colour Signs.
Badgeman Key Tags.
Badgeman Labels.
Badgeman Trophies and Medals.
Badgeman Hotel/Restaurant Signage.
Badgeman Vehicle Branding.
We have many quality images which we have photgraphed and placed in our image gallery for you to view.

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We are situated in Cape Town. We have provided badges country wide, as well as beyond our borders, to neighbouring countries. Such as Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Swaziland, Namibia and Mozambique.

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